Dedication and Transparency

La Vecchia Milano values every detail of a clothing item in order to emphasize its quality, regaining old-time manual skills. We give new life to clothes that reach the dry cleaner, highlighting their intrinsic qualities.

Our team’s members had diverse working experiences which characterize our workshop. Each artisan working in La Vecchia Milano offers its expertise to treat the clothing items.

We work with the aim to offer a different service, not only judged by the final product, but also noticeable in the whole cleaning process. Our core values are reliability and professionalism in order to exalt every clothing item’s potentiality.


It is essential in our business to earn and preserve the clients’ trust in our abilities. Years of experience allow us to treat any kind of clothing item exactly as the client requests and to offer the most efficient solutions.

Manual Skills

Choosing us means choosing a high quality service that requires time and dedication. Every clothing item is touched by expert, delicate and careful hands. In a world that keeps accelerating , we choose to slow down and trust old-time manual skills.


Thanks to our experience, we understand and meet any of the clients’ needs. Our artisans not only are gifted but they also developed the right empathy to satisfy the client.

Dry cleaning, to water and hydrocarbons

Formal wear

Fur coats

Leather accessories

Dry Fur coats

Invisible darn

Cleaning sofas and textiles

Renovation clothes

Cleaning duvets


Via dell’orso 12 ,
(ingresso da Via Ciovasso)
20121 Milano
tel. +39 02 804061
cell. +39 320 4572539


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To Monday at Friday
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