Like a Workshop

Our dry cleaner’s manual skills resemble those of an old-time workshop, performing like artisans of quality.

Our approach aims to enhance the product’s characteristics doesn’t leave anything to chance; that is the reason why experience and observation are the core values of our job.

Quality, exigency and punctuality in order to tailor our services to each client.


La Vecchia Milano takes care of fine clothing items, not only because of their high quality.

Every clothing item that enters our dry cleaner is as valuable to us as it is to the client that entrust it to our establishment. The goal is to give back a clothing item of quality that transmits the same feeling as when it was first bought.


It is essential in our business to earn and preserve the clients’ trust in our abilities. Years of experience allow us to treat any kind of clothing item exactly as the client requests and to offer the most efficient solutions.

Manual Skills

Choosing us means choosing a high quality service that requires time and dedication. Every clothing item is touched by expert, delicate and careful hands. In a world that keeps accelerating , we choose to slow down and trust old-time manual skills.


Thanks to our experience, we understand and meet any of the clients’ needs. Our artisans not only are gifted but they also developed the right empathy to satisfy the client.

Cleaning Formal wear

Cleaning fur coats

Renovation clothes

Invisible darn

Old-time quality

We decided to base our work by regaining old-time manual skills, managing La Vecchia Bottega as it were an historic workshop. The clothing items that reach our dry cleaner are treated by our artisans’ hands, who pour attention and time into every process, guaranteeing the best quality service.


Via dell’orso 12 ,
(entrance to Via Ciovasso)
20121 Milano
tel. +39 02 804061
cell. +39 320 4572539


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